South East Queensland Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are a perfect means of storage for large heavy items that you do not want to get damaged by extreme weather conditions. Due to their size, they can store a range of items including cars, boats, tools and benches. As shipping containers are constructed using corrugated steel, they are able to withstand a range of conditions, meaning that your treasured items will not get damaged. Rather than building a shed to store your items, you could use a shipping container which you can move from one place to another. Also, shipping containers do not take up too much space, and make your property look neat and clutter free.

Shipping Container Transport South East Queensland

At Centenary Towing, we understand how tough it can be to move your items from once place to another. Hence, our aim is to make container transportation throughout South East Queensland easy, affordable and efficient. At Centenary Towing, our drivers move your shipping container to your new home, business or industrial estate as quick as possible, meaning you do not have to worry about delays and wasted time. Our specially designed  vehicles can carry 20ft shipping containers, and our drivers are trained to move your container safely. Hence, we guarantee that your load will get to your destination in one piece! Give us a call today.

We Move More Than Shipping Containers

At Centenary Towing, we offer a range of services including Machinery Transport, Car Transport, Boat Transport and Miscellaneous Items. Our mission since 1988 has been to move items in the most effective and efficient way. The team at Centenary Towing is keen to move your load, no matter what it is! Hence, we service a range of areas including Brisbane and Ipswich, so be sure to give us a call today!