Shipping containers are used as homes, offices, restaurants, schools, portable toilets and many other creative purposes. Another innovative idea way to upcycle a shipping container, and one of our favourites, is to turn it into a music studio! The Zeal Kāpiti crew were one of the first to open a music studio inside a shipping container back in 2017. The studio was equipped with seven stations, including:

  • drums
  • bass
  • electric guitar
  • acoustic guitar
  • keys
  • beat making
  • DJ booth

All the stations functioned together in any combination, making it a huge hit with the youth in the area. Shipping container music studios have many benefits. Keep reading to find out more. 

Benefits of Shipping Container Music Studios

Turning a shipping container into a music studio comes with many benefits. Not only do they save, but shipping containers are also a cost-effective option if you are short on funds. Other benefits include: 

  • Transportable – music studios are an investment. And if you have to move house, all that time and money you spent building your studio might go to waste. Fortunately, your shipping container music studio can be easily transported wherever you might go.
  • Soundproof – no need to worry about the neighbours complaining or outside noise ruining your recording because shipping containers are soundproof!
  • Good Acoustics – a shipping container is one of the best natural recording studios you can choose becuase the sheet metal and the small interior combine to create a fantastic sound.
  • Natural Reverb – if you don’t like the sound of artificial reverb, a shipping container will  provide that cool echo many musos love without the need for digital editing.
  • Privacy – a shipping container creates a completely separate and private space where you can play and record in peace. 

    Shipping Container Transport

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