Shipping containers are a staple of ports and shipyards, and their main function is to contain and provide protection for goods that need to be transported from one location to another. But did you know that shipping containers can have other uses, too? Believe it or not, these big, hulking metal structures can be repurposed to serve other functions. Here are some unique uses for shipping containers you may not have thought of before.

Guest House

Yup, you’ve read that right. Shipping containers can be made into small guestrooms or even guest houses. They provide an inexpensive alternative to building new additions to your home. In fact, you can create one for just a few thousand dollars. When transforming a shipping container into a guest house, however, make sure that you install insulation and add other important amenities such as plumbing, doors and windows. Planning permission may also be required.


Some people use their garage as a workshop, but if you use this particular part of your home as storage for your car, then you might be wondering where you can tinker with tools or do a few woodworking projects. Apart from turning it into a guest house, another use for a shipping container is to turn it into a workshop.

While a shipping container can be more expensive than a plastic shed, they are still cost-effective in the long run because they are durable and  likely to last you much longer because of their solid construction. What’s more, the way a shipping container is made allows you to easily attach drawers, workbenches, tool racks, and other features on the walls of your workshop.

Shipping Container Pools

Here’s something you might find interesting. Shipping containers make an excellent free-standing pool! If you don’t have the budget for someone to dig a pool in your yard, you could always consider a shipping container pool. Not only do they add a rustic look to your yard, shipping container pools are portable, durable and can be installed quickly. Check out some examples here.

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