Container Transport

Brisbane Shipping Container Transport

Traditionally we see containers as being used for the transportation of goods by ship across oceans. There are many other uses for shipping containers, and it is for these purposes that Centenary Towing provides transportation services. The most common container that we transport is the 20-foot steel container, including high cube, refrigerated and insulated. We also have the ability to transport 8ft, 10ft and 40ft containers.

Brisbane Container Transport

Centenary Towing can transport and place shipping containers on your chosen site for short or long term rental or purchase. Shipping containers are an ideal solution during home renovations for furniture and household item storage. In addition, they can also be used to securely store vehicles, boats or anything you need to store in a weatherproof container. Similarly, containers can be transported to building sites for storage or workshop purposes. Refrigerated containers can be used for major events at public places or hotels.

Site access required is:

  • 16 meters from end of container to front of truck
  • 3.8 meters from ground to top of container
  • 3 meters wide

If you need shipping container transport in Brisbane, Queensland or Northern NSW, Contact Centenary Towing for a free quote. Centenary Towing has a reputation for the best shipping container transport Brisbane has to offer!