Shipping containers are such incredible structures and are being used in more and more settings each year. Already in 2020, we have seen shipping containers prove effective as fire shelters and as temporary housing for those who lost everything in the horror bushfire season. 

Shipping Containers for Bushfire Victims

In the aftermath of the horror bushfire season of 2019/2020, hundreds of people remain homeless and living in tents across NSW. With winter about to hit and temperatures already dropping, a lifeline has been extended to bushfire victims thanks to a partnership between the NSW Government and the Minderoo Foundation.

Around 110 Shipping containers are being provided free of charge to bushfire victims across NSW, ensuring they don’t have to get through winter living in a tent on their burnt out land.  Each shipping container, or “accommodation” pod, usually costs up to $50,000 and features 

  • toilet
  • shower
  • kitchen 
  • 2,300-litre water tank

Priority has been given to people living on rural properties who need to look after their livestock.

“They can stay there, they can be with their animals, they can be on their farm and they can rebuild.”  – Kempsey Shire Mayor Liz Campbell 

Before the shipping containers arrived, some landowners were travelling hours each day so they could look after their stock. Bushfire victims will be allowed to live in the pods for up to two years while they rebuild, although this may be extended given the delays caused by COVID-19.

Kennel Owners Shelter in Shipping Container During Fire

Kennel owners, Jacqui and Ron Thompson,were left with no choice but to shelter in a shipping container when fire swept through their property in Genoa, inland from Mallacoota, on New Years Eve. Jacqui and Ron were joined by their 2 Great Danes and 2 cats, as well as 7 other dogs and two cats who were guests at the kennels. 

After 6 hours inside, Jacqui and Ron ventured outside to discover their house and the kennels were still standing.

Jacqui Thompson said they came out around 4.30….”to scorched earth, but the shipping container had well and truly passed its test. We were very pleased with the result. I was quite surprised actually. One of the cats was distressed while she was in the shed and a lot of her hair fell out. But animals are pretty amazing. If you stay calm around them then they will do the same.”

The couple plan on staying in the area and continuing their boarding kennels business. 

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